Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is Tervis Tumbler BPA-Free?

If you are going to buy a Tervis Tumbler you want to make sure they are as safe as possible right? Well this is going to mean making sure that they are BPA free. If you are one of the people who has been on board with this Tumbler for a long time, then you may still have one that does contain some BPA. Have you been buying them prior to 2011? If you have you should consider getting rid of these if you are really concerned with BPA problems.

Any tumblers that have been made after 2011 are going to be completely free of BPA. Do not worry that you have wasted money on older versions. You can actually get some value for them. What you would do is send the old Tervis Tumblers that were made before 2011 back to the company for a replacement. There might be a small fee involved, but you are not going to pay the full price at all. The reason you can do this is because the company has what they call an unconditional lifetime warranty.

This means that at any time you want to send the product back and get a newer version, as long as the complaint is legit, you can do just that. No company would offer such a promise unless they were completely sure of the products they were creating. Tervis Company wants to defuse any customer problems so they can keep their reputation strong. They are a company that is truly committed to making a product that is not only going to be made from the highest quality materials there are, but also the most durable and the safest. By making an initial investment in a Tervis Tumbler you are possibly purchasing your last Tumbler. If you use promotions for Tervis tumbler coupon codes to purchase your Tumbler you will further your savings.

Tervis company makes sure all of their tumblers are ran through really extensive testing at different independent testing areas in order to ensure that their product meets or exceeds the stringent safety standards of the FDA. The real reason why Tervis Tumblers no longer contain BPA is because the company changing the material they use to a new generation of polymer. What this change gives the company the ability to do is cut out certain processes in their manufacturing procedures and at the same time keep the quality where it needs to be.

The new generation polymer, which is called Eastman Tritan  does not have any BPA. Not only do Tervis Tumblers no longer have BPA, but all of the products in their product line are now free of this because of the switch. You can expect for the company to continue in their efforts to find ways to make their products better. The company will also continue to make efforts to ensure the excellence people expect from them is maintained so they can continue to build a reputation that will supersede that of a lot of companies.

Take advantage of the lifetime warranty if you have a Tervis Tumbler that was made before 2011. The process might not be convenient, but it is worth it.


  1. Why does Turvis not mention anywhere on their website that their tumblers are BPA free?

    Why has this very important piece of info about the tumblers been relegated to the Turvis WordPress Blog?

  2. I would like to see an answer to the question above as well.

  3. So would I! I just had to email them to find out for sure : /

  4. I chatted with a customer rep through their online chat and asked them this and they said they have been BPA-free since 2011. Hopefully that helps. Still would be nice if they listed it on their website, though.

  5. I just called a customer rep and they said that if you have the new Tervis logo a cross the bottom (which is just the word "tervis"), then it is BPA free. If you have any other logo, I think the old ones used to say "tervistumbler," then you have an old non-BPA-free one. Also, the numbers on the bottom are indicators. The number within the circle is the year made and the other number, if 9 or higher, means that the tumbler is BPA free. This helps because some tumblers were made BPA-free prior to 2011. Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks so much for this info. I was also wondering where to find out when I tumbler was made. Thanks again!!!

  6. Just talked with rep -- they do NOT replace, with their guarantee, for BPA. :(

    They WILL replace any that are cracked or cloudy.

    She said that "one would need to drink 17,000- 16oz glasses or 2,100 gallons of water from our drinkware daily to exceed the recognized safety threshold."

    They "continue to stand behind the previous material compositions we had been using and understand that we do not consider use of polycarbonate to be a defect or covered under our lifetime guarantee. The transition to new material was not motivated by concerns with BPA but was determined to be more cost-effective while allowing us to maintain our quality standards. Becoming BPA-free was an added benefit."

  7. According to this article at Mother Jones it turns out that Eastman intentionally used testing methods that wouldn't show the Synthetic Estrogen leaking from their product. Going so far as to buy out a company who had a good test, just so they could make sure nobody ever saw it.

    So while you were trying to go BPA-free, Eastman was busy lying to you about their product that apparently leaks more Synthetic Estrogen than even BPA does. And if you didn't know, that's why people want to go BPA-free, because once BPA hits your system, your body sees it as Estrogen, and giving babies and toddlers massive doses of Estrogen probably isn't that good. And I say 'probably' because in lab rats that are susceptible to Synthetic Estrogen there are very serious issues, but thankfully Eastman made sure that the variety of lab rat they used in their testing wasn't sensitive to Estrogen, unlike humans.

    Can you even imagine that? Eastman decided what tests to do on their product, using rats that wouldn't be effected by Estrogen, and buying out an easy testing method to detect Estrogen in their product, all so they could sell more product at the expense of your child's health. They swear that Synthetic Estrogen won't hurt you, but then they also lie and claim that their product doesn't have any. Which is it?

  8. So Tervis now claims to be BPA free, but has it been replaced with BPS- which is just as bad?? Please inform me if Tervis is BPA AND BPS free…..